Riverfork Federal Credit Union got its start in 1959 by a group of City of Grand Forks employees.  The original name of the credit union was Grand Forks City Employees Federal Credit Union.  To exemplify the “people helping people” philosophy of the credit union movement, the employees pooled their money and loaned it to those employees in need.  In 1975, the credit union changed its name to the Grand Forks City and County Employees Federal Credit Union when it opened its membership to the Park District of Grand Forks employees and Grand Forks County employees.  The credit union continued to add more employer groups which prompted the credit union to change its name to one which reflected the Grand Forks area and the fork in the “mighty Red River”.  In 1990, the credit union’s name changed to Riverfork Federal Credit Union.

One of the credit union’s first offices was in the basement of City Hall.  The credit union then moved to the police department building.  Its final destination was an office building located at 711 North Washington Street where the credit union shared the building with a chiropractor, massage therapist, counselor and hair salon.  In 1994, Riverfork FCU expanded its office space when it purchased the building and moved to the main floor.  This allowed the credit union to add a drive-window and night depository.

Riverfork FCU serves 21 employer groups in the Grand Forks/East Grand Forks area.  The credit union is large enough to offer a variety of financial services but small enough to know its members and their needs.  The credit union is owned and controlled by its members through its volunteer board of directors.  Each year, the membership elects its board of directors and credit committee at its annual meeting.

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